About Us

Stealth Carbon, home of the Carbon and Forged Carbon Steering Wheel range. Experts in style, quality and lightweight Carbon steering wheels.

Stealth Carbon was created out of the love and obsession of Carbon Fibre products, the Forged Carbon range we offer takes this obsession to a new level. Carbon and Forged Carbon are regular used by the world’s leading super car makers due to its strength, weight and resistance to fatigue.

Our Steering Wheels have been rigorously tested and checked to ensure you have the best product you can buy and we back that up with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer, we also include a Certificate of Authenticity with each Stealth Carbon Wheel and each wheel has a unique serial number assigned to it. All our products are 100% carbon, not carbon effect or wrap.

Whether your vehicle is a daily commuter, show car or race car our products will enhance your interior and driving experience. We have been heavily involved in the car scene and motorsport for over 10 years, we can offer most solutions to complete your steering wheel set up such as boss kits, short hubs and quick release kits and we can also offer fitting should you require. Please get in touch with us via our Stealth Carbon social media outlets, we love to hear from you, see pictures and engage with our customers.

Keep an eye out for more new and innovative products coming soon to the website.